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Newsletter n°1-2003
One year already!                                                                                                 Colonel Carde
Which future for Dressage?                                                                                 
Colonel Carde

Like many other artistic or not sports activities, dressage is subject to an understandable evolution. Among the countries at the cutting edge of this discipline, Holland and Germany have for several years greatly contributed to its development and are asking themselves what the future holds for dressage. Answering these questions was the goal of the Global Dressage Forum held in Holland at the end of last year.
Reflexions of a show jumping rider on the Global Dressage Forum                      Jean d’Orgeix
As I’m sure most of our members and visitors to our site did, I read with great interest the article by Colonel Carde that reported on the Global Dressage Forum in the Netherlands. I am by no means a specialist in this discipline; but, being a horseman, I love and respect Equestrian Art.
Newsletter n°2-2003



A word from the president                                                      Colonel Carde
Problems that equestrian instruction never mention!             Jean d’Orgeix

It is curious to note the number of problems created in equitation, problems that unquestionably give rise to grave silence in equestrian instruction. There are many such examples but let us only mention one among them all for it has a direct influence on lightness of the rider's aids.

Equestrian culture
High level equitation and competition                                     Michel Henriquet
Ten thousand kilometres east and west?                               Colonel Carde

Travelling the world in order to help riders in their quest to improve their dressage equitation, I have realised that the double question can be asked of all: what basic work must be done? How should one proceed towards the higher levels?