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Newsletter n°2-2004


A word from the president                                            Colonel Carde

Tradition versus contemporary trends … yet again    
Colonel Carde

Among the news items relating to horse sport, there are several that we should pay attention to. To begin with, the interview in the magazine, L’Eperon, with Eugénie Angot; the symposium held in Saumur at the Ecole Nationale d’Equitation; the open letter to the FEI from Mr. d’Orgeix and Mr. d’Oriola; the visit of John Lyons to France and Belgium; and finally the long article by Gerhard Politz, in the American magazine, USDF Connection. What do these five events have in common, you might ask. In all of them, I see warnings, which we should not take lightly, and significant indications about the future direction of equitation.

Equestrian culture
Open letter to the F.E.I.                                                
Jean d’Orgeix and Pierre Jonquères d’Oriola

Excerpts from the open letter addressed to the F.E.I. on June 24th 2004

The functional seat, a prelude to lightness                  
Michel Henriquet

Fundamental conditions for success must be created at the very start of equestrian activities to endow the aspiring equestrian with the suitable static position and its dynamic changes in motion. The balance of the ridden horse, therefore his lightness, depends on the correct distribution of his weight and the rider’s weight between the front and the back.
Newsletter n°1-2004


A word from the president                         Colonel Carde
Happy dressage                                        Colonel Carde
One of the primary goals of our association is to make sure that we adhere as far as possible to article 401 in the FEI rules so that dressage competition does not stray from either the classical concepts or artistic expression. Allege-Ideal was therefore very concerned on learning that the foreword to this article had been changed.

An interwiew with Uwe Spenlen                
Karen McDonald
International dressage judge and trainer
Equestrian culture
Support, tension contact                           Jean d'Orgeix

We have during these last years heard a great deal of controversies and opinions concerning support, contact, and rein tension. Suddenly, I have to ask myself, are we speaking of the same things? If not any comprehension of the subjects is impossible.

Some reflexions about lightness               Michel Henriquet