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Newsletter n°3-2005

A word from the president             Colonel Carde
Cheating is not playing                
Colonel Carde

At all times, for glory and for money, the temptation to cheat to optimize performance has been strong, in all sports. Doping has stopped poisoning Dressage competition due to the efficiency of the controls. So we go towards other solutions.

Rollkur continued …                     
Releases from the IDRCand the German equestrian Federation
2005 General meeting
Newsletter n°2-2005


A word from the president                         Colonel Carde
Art and competition are antinomical          Jean d’Orgeix
Men have always ridden horses for ages but the Equestrian Art first appeared during the Italian Renaissance. This equestrian art evolved over the centuries, notably during the XIXth century; then came Baron de Coubertin and the first modern Olympic Games.
About judges …                                          Michel Henriquet
At the creation of our association I suggested the idea that one of the guarantees of success of our enterprise would be to obtain the participation of French and International judges.
The happy athlete?                                    Nick Williams
It is now over 25 years since an otherwise little known US Government official, Bert Lance by name, gave us the excellent advice: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” So, what was thought to be wrong with 401-1?
To become a dressage judge                     Stéphanie Calvin
A few months ago, I decided to become dressage judge. Thus, I engaged into this adventure and I signed up for two sessions of training directed by an International judge of dressage.
Equestrian culture
The meaning of words                                Yves Delord
General L’Hotte and lightness
Equitation and ill-treatment                        
Michel Henriquet
Newsletter n°1-2005



A word from the president                       Colonel Carde
Equestrian culture : some poetry …       
Sylvie Anduze-Acher et Josette Bleschet
To train or to judge ?                              
Colonel Carde

Riders, coaches and judges are the main characters of dressage competition; one must, however, recognize that one and the same person may be qualified in all three areas, which require different skills.

Our first field meeting                              
Henry Arnould et Margareta Westlin
A noble fight                                            
Jean d'Orgeix

It’s OK to charge shouting “lightness … dear lightness” but shan’t we think about which point of resistance we must attack first and what opposition we must overcome?

The root causes of the damage              
Michel Henriquet

Since 1950, some five years after the end of the war, Germany was the first European nation to resume training for the purpose of dressage the horses they still owned.
Their hot-blooded horses, like those they borrowed from their defeated neighbors, had disappeared in the turmoil. They had to use middleweight and coldblooded animals coming more or less from agricultural work.
How lightness came my way …               
Yves Delord