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Newsletter n°1 2010

Summary of category " "Newsletter 2010" 

Edito: Dressage Art or Competition
   writted by Bernard Maurel 
Last month, when I went to Cheval Passion, the great forum for horses in Avignon, I met Christian Carde. We discovered that we had mutual friends – Lucien Gruss, Magali Delgado and Frederic Pignon. They are well known equestrian exhibition artists in France and abroad and exceptional horsemen, rightly considered specialists in dressage.
Interview : Dressage as Art or competition   by Bernard Maurel interview by Annick Huard
Follow , notice by Lucien Gruss and by Frédéric Pignon.
Farewell Sylvie: Tribute to Sylvie Corellou by Christian Carde


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Summary of category " "Newsletter 2010"